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What Life Coaching Can Do For You My name is Rana Johal and I’m the owner, coach and trainer for Life Crafting Limited.

What Life Coaching Can Do For You My name is Rana Johal and I’m the owner, coach and trainer for Life Crafting Limited.

I provide life coaching in London / the UK in order to help individuals improve their lives. 

It is my pleasure to deliver life coaching (also called ‘coaching’) to clients because my experience has been that life coaching can radically and positively transform lives. I’ve seen life coaching help clients gain clarity about their goals, overcome long held negative beliefs about themselves, improve their fitness and achieve things they had thought impossible for them!

As we grow up most of us dream about what our lives will be like and the great things we will achieve. Unfortunately, many of our dreams and goals vanish due to the hectic nature of day to day life. We start to forget what we truly want our lives to be like.

Now we face a ‘new normal’, in which even the certainties of the lives we settled for no longer seem so certain. For so many of us, anxiety, stress and a lack of clarity, will and energy make the future seem confusing and unwelcome. 

The good news is that life coaching starts from the premise that you can transform and improve your life, if you have the will to take the time and effort to imagine a brighter future and put in the work to revolutionise your thinking and adopt new principles by which to live.

Want the life you always dreamed of? Well you’ll have to work at it, but Life Crafting Limited will be there to help you find within yourself the vision, determination and resilience to craft the life you always wanted!


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All my life coaching services begin with the free ‘Hero – Discovery Session’, during which you will get to know me as a coach, learn more about the coaching process and discover which of the coaching packages I offer will best suit you.

If you are serious about pushing yourself in order to achieve goals you have always wanted to achieve or to craft that life you have always dreamed of having, life coaching would be both a great choice and a positive investment in your future!

Life Coaching Services

The services I offer through this company are designed to help people improve their lives. I do this by providing both life coaching and (upon request) a small range of soft skills training (such as persuading and influencing skills, public speaking and working with people from diverse cultures), but the core service I offer is life coaching.

Be warned though, Life Coaching requires substantial commitment from both client and coach. It is not for the faint hearted. So if you’re not really serious about taking action to transform your life please reconsider whether coaching is for you. However, if you are serious about pushing yourself in order to achieve goals you have always wanted to achieve or to craft that life you had always dreamed of having, life coaching would be a wise and positive investment in your future.

Do you recognise yourself in any of the scenarios noted below? If you do, coaching is for YOU! 

  • Confidence

    Self Confidence

    Do you wish you had more self confidence or struggle with negative beliefs about yourself?

    Life coaching will help you improve your life by identifying and replacing such negative beliefs, with new and positive beliefs, fostering greater self-esteem, strengthening your self-confidence and helping you develop a more positive sense of self.

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  • Goal Achievement

    Goal Achievement

    Many people find they lack the clarity, focus or determination to succeed at personal or professional goals they have long wished to have achieved.

    Life coaching will help you find clarity, set specific goals, timeframes and challenge your own doubts and fears to take the steps necessary to ensure those goals are achieved.

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  • Fitness


    Do you long to improve your physical fitness or struggle with losing and maintaining weight?

    Life coaching will help you clarify your fitness and weight loss goals and create a specific plan to achieve them. You will be supported in developing a radical new vision of who you are. Ultimately this will motivate you to finally achieve the impossible.

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  • A Fulfilled Life

    A Fulfilled Life

    We all have dreams of the ideal life we’d like to have but all too often we settle for an unfulfilled lesser life.

    Life coaching will reconnect you with your dreams and ambitions and will help you find and maintain the will to identify and follow through the steps you need to take to craft a more satisfying life.

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