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My name is Rana Johal and I am a personal life coach – also called just ‘life coach’.

Before I became a life coach I had been a soft skills trainer for more than ten years. In that capacity I travelled across the UK, USA and mainland Europe and worked with several UK local authorities, colleges, universities and companies such as Mulberry Company (UK) Ltd. and Cisco Systems. For more than twenty years I’ve also been an examiner and compliance officer, in both a full-time and freelance capacity, with the UK’s film regulator, the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC). 

Turning Point

A few years ago my doctor finally convinced me that I had developed Type 2 diabetes and he presented me with a stark choice; “Do you want to live or do you want to die?”

What followed was a journey into myself as I discovered how my beliefs, choices and lifestyle had led me to becoming so unwell that I was frequently tired, irritable, regularly falling asleep as soon as I got home from work and waking up many times during the night because I was so dehydrated.

In the moment of clarity resulting from my doctor’s question I decided to choose life and decided to set about losing weight in order to help manage and eliminate the diabetes from my life.

Facing My Fear, to Change My Life

I find that I work best when I have a clear goal and decided to take the opportunity to face one of my oldest fears. You see I had always believed that I would die by drowning, but now, being actually faced with my mortality I decided to face my fear and get in the water and swim.

Having never learnt to swim before, I set myself the goal of swimming a mile in open water, at the annual Henley Swim event.

To my sheer joy and wonder and after a lot of hard work, doubt and determination, I managed to swim a mile without stopping. I also dropped 20kg in weight and became fitter, happier and more self-confident.

In swimming that mile I discovered that I could make a radical change to my life, overcome long-held negative self-beliefs and achieve more than I had thought possible. Strangely enough, in losing weight and swimming that one mile I realised what kind of person I had, secretly even from myself, always longed to be, and since then I have more and more become that person!

Achieving my impossible goal

What I discovered that with clear goals, a sound plan, determination and hard work I could achieve the change in my life that I longed for. I had become someone who could swim, who was fit and who did succeed at the seemingly impossible – and believe me, if I could succeed at such a thing, so can you!

I must caution that achieving my goal took hard work, changing my diet and attitude to food, swimming endless miles in pools and open water, enduring the doubts and discouragement of others and pushing back the temptation to just quit and go back to my old way of living. But I did it, I began to craft the life I always wanted – and so can YOU!

Coach Rana is Born

To my surprise, while I was swimming all those miles other people were watching and started to ask me about becoming their personal coach. They wanted to know how they too could lose weight, or get fit, or learn to swim, or achieve their own other secret dreams. Once I got over the surprise of being asked, I found that I enjoyed helping other people transform their lives, so I committed to training and qualifying as a life coach and helping other people discover their true selves. 

People ask me, “What’s the secret to achieving your goals?” I warn them that in my experience, achieving your goals takes clarity, vision, planning, guts, pain, commitment, hard choices and sweat – but it is worth the effort.

Shall I coach you?

I am Rana Johal, a personal life coach and since my own journey of change began my focus has been on helping individuals achieve radical transformation, so that they can finally live the life they have longed for.

Now I’m here to walk with you, to support you and to coach you as you shape and pare and build and revolutionise your world. Shall we step into your wonderful future together?


Run Rana Run - Running Blog

If you want to know more about my journey to lose weight, get fit and battle my fear of death by drowning, you could head over to my fitness blog, Run, Rana Run!

Mind you, the blog’s not just about running and swimming and getting fit. I also talk about making sure I have a life worth living, how I’m getting on with managing the diabetes and about what being happy means to me. To access my Run, Rana Run! blog click HERE or on the logo above.


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