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The 30 minute ‘Hero – Discovery Session’ is a way for you and I to get to know each other and for you to gain some clarity about life coaching, learn what will be expected of us both and ask any questions you have before you decide to go ahead with coaching. I’ll also have a few questions for you, which will give you a taste of the coaching process.

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Further Description

My discovery call package is named ‘Hero’, because a hero is a someone who is noted for courageous acts, and setting out to change one’s life or to achieve a long cherished goal or dream is an heroic act of courage. However, even a hero should be wise enough to weigh up the task he or she is considering.

If you’re unfamiliar with coaching and would like to find out a bit more before committing yourself to life coaching please do book this discovery call first. Even if you are familiar with life coaching and/or already know which of the coaching packages listed below you’d like to book you will first need to book a discovery call, to see if we get on together and and if my approach to coaching suits you.

The ‘Hero’ Discovery Call is a way for you and me to go beyond what’s presented on this website and get to know one another. This call is the starting point for all the life coaching services I provide, lasts for about 30 minutes and is completely free of either cost or obligation to take any other of my coaching packages.

During coaching I’ll be working through some deep and personal things and it’s best that you use the opportunity to gain some clarity about what will be expected of us both, by asking any questions you have before you decide to go ahead with coaching. I’ll also have a few questions for you, which will give you a taste of the coaching process.

Coaching is not for everybody and it’s certainly not appropriate if what you’re really looking for is a therapist, counselling, a mentor or some sort of medical advice. A discovery call is also used for you to get a deeper understanding of what coaching is and how it will be able to serve your needs.

Finally, the call is a necessary means of discovering whether or not we’re a good fit for each other. The professional relationship that we build will be very important for our future coaching conversations, so best to get this particular discovery out of the way in a snappy 30 minutes – and free of charge too!

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