Time is a funny thing, isn’t it?

And how we deal with time is equally funny. We long for more time to ourselves, and people have really come to value having more time to themselves by working from home.

Today is Calendar Act Day. The Calendar Act of 1751 saw Britain shift from measuring the year by the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar. Many people felt outraged at what they perceived as losing eleven days of their lives and there was fighting in the streets! Their time was precious to them, even as ours now is to us.

But how much do we value the time we really have? Back in the first century CE, the philosopher Seneca urged his readers to value and not waste their time, for it was one resource they could never buy back. One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned as a coach is to consider carefully how I use and pass my time.

Time is valuable:

being a resource that we can never replicate, recover or in any way buy more of. On September 2nd 1751 the British government shifted measuring time from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian Calendar and there was fighting in the streets because people thought that they had been robbed of eleven days!

Given how much we all claim to value our time, it’s notable that some of the most common issues I find with coaching clients include procrastination, delay through fear of taking action and time wasted through overwhelm paralysis. In many ways we waste and lose time.

But we can make active choices to act consciously and stop losing or wasting time.

On this Calendar Act Day what will you do to make better use of your time?

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